Genesys offers to 25 billion first class customers a top-notch experience every year all around the world. Gathering employee and customer relations together on every level is what makes this success achievable. More than 10,000 companies from more than 100 countries trust the number one customer experience platform to have the best business results. It offers you what you desire, providing solutions that enable a natural communication with the best combination of technology and human intelligence. Industry leading solutions enables for a real omnichannel communication. It ensures the same performance on every channel, as intercorporate and on the cloud. Customer relations are now how you wanted them to be: flexible, natural and quite effective.

Genesys solutions help you achieve these three business challenges that are key to customer experience:

1. Having Unique Relations With the Customers: Your ability to understand each of your customers’ purpose, history and preferences, and to identify the next step most correctly are key to an omnichannel customer experience. Genesys combines all the vocal and digital channels, self-serving, interactions with the customer and working elements in a certain way to provide a rich context in every stage of a customer’s experience. This enables you to increase consumer awareness, customer loyalty and your income as well as to plan and offer a smooth, consistent and effortless customer experience.

2. Turning Your Employees Into CEO’s Ready at All Times: Your greatest possession while providing a next generation customer experience will still be your employees. Your ability to enable employee participation and to support them directly affects your customer relations. Genesys manages all the representatives and abilities on vocal and digital channels for routing, scheduling and prediction through a single platform. Customer history in all the channels is displayed on a screen so that your representatives can reach all the necessary details to solve issues, answer questions and satisfy customers. Consequently, it results in stronger customer relations with a more practical use of representatives and an improvement in the representative performance, a reduction in employee loss as well as an increase in employee satisfaction.

3. Providing Optimization and Difference by Using Innovation: Customer experience is also related to the business-wide optimization of business processes. Genesys combines channels and operations with its central management skills to work together so that it ensures you that the business-wide service level is met, helps you schedule correctly and benefits you with context and business rules when determining the right people that will meet the customers’ needs. That way duties get easier, expenses decrease, and the process and the technologies are structured to develop when necessary. And customers experience a flawless omnichannel journey. .

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