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Meet Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice

Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice is a plug-in service that provides organizations of all sizes with cloud-based telephone options. Enterprise Voice enables Teams to deliver a stand-alone
PBX Service to replace traditional private branch exchange (PBX) systems. As an Enterprise Voice user, you can call both colleagues on your organization’s VoIP network or PBX and traditional phone numbers outside your organization.

In the simplest terms, Microsoft Teams PBX allows the entire company to connect simply over a unified communication network and to carry out a variety of activities in a single application.

Why Do Businesses Need Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice?

Empower Collaboration with Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice

Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice is here to empower collaboration and in-house communication.
Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice enables front-line workers to communicate and collaborate more effectively than ever before by introducing additional mobile features. With its customizable mobile experience, the solution is a perfect way for first-line professionals such as field service personnel, shop employees, customer support reps, and others to exchange information.
Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice assists in meeting internal communication needs
Although not widely known, Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice is a great tool to fulfil requirements for first-line professionals to perform at their best.
By using the customizable functions of the MS Teams, professionals can gain role-based access to the services such as private chats, calendars, calls, and more.
Is there anything better for a company than flawless communication?

Enjoy Full PBX Calling Capabilities Using Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice

Cloud-based digital PBX provided through Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice allows managing business phone systems without the need for complicated and expensive equipment.

As may be known, PBX functions are not available in applications that allow meeting, chat, and status management services. Employing many apps simultaneously is costly because of the expense of reporting, acquiring, operating, and maintenance.

Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice requires no hardware, maintenance, or updates.

It is feasible to replace an existing on-premises PBX system with Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice, which incorporates Microsoft 365 or Office 365 functionalities.
The entire team may benefit from a Microsoft Teams cloud experience.
Microsoft cloud-based phone system also supports device connection, as well as excellent security and conference hosting.

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