Genesys PureConnect

The Easiest Way of the Next Generation Customer Experience Is Through Genesys PureConnect

Even if you have a well-functioning and detailed technical infrastructure, it’s inevitable to face a self-conflicting, complex and unproductive system as your funds increase and business grow. It’s also highly probable that you lose both time and money with your own system as technology advances. Instead of trying to upgrade your old and complex system, you can find the solution in an all-in-one platform. Genesys PureConnect

What the all-in-one solution offers:

  • Always being accessible by the customers
  • Enhancing efficiency by directing customer representatives to the correct communication networks
  • For managers, simple reporting and supporting on performance management, and reducing the workload of the team of experts so that other needs are met
  • Enables for a real omnichannel communication
  • Allows of receiving and replying to ACD-rooted social media interactions, such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and also Web Chat Widgets

A Professional and Simple System

Genesys PureConnect is an all-in-one multichannel communication solution that is easy and quick to apply. Genesys PureConnect is a solution that can be both used cloud and on-premise. With a comprehensible structure, it saves time and money while offering suitable solutions for any situation, optimizes experience by strengthening customer relations and simplifies all business management. With an extensive application set, you can get rid of all the complexity and obtain a simple and professional platform while switching to a more developed and up-to-date system in every step. Thanks to the flexibility of its personal architecture, it has an adjustable and integrable structure to fulfill your unique business experiences and any other application.

Experience the Genesys PureConnect Difference With CCR and Its Strongest Engineers in the Region

Genesys PureConnect is represented in Europe, Africa and Asia by CCR. CCR’s engineering experts are a part of Genesys Customer Experience Platform portfolio globally, and it ensures that its staff will make the system work in the most effective way. It also highlights that being one of the best in the technology market with more than 25 years of experience, Genesys PureConnect offers the ultimate efficiency level.

You can easily use such features as channel adding, scaling, virtualization of process of putting new locations online, and adjust the system without getting any help from an expert even during the busy periods. Integrating and uniting all the system with a rich all-in-one set, Genesys PureCorrect allows you to run your own system and easily make changes in your program. Instead of dealing with updates or storage chaos, it helps you quickly manage your business on the directly set up system, enhance employee efficiency and peak your customer experience.

You can also use other refined solutions such as vocal self-serving, well-integrated directing tools and outgoing call while staying in touch with your customers using multichannel communication options.

The highest level of security is offered to you and your customers by Genesys PureConnect and it’s in compliance with the legal standards and has controllable equipment. With an easy setup, the system doesn’t require any complicated training process and offers an efficient service that doesn’t require any update.

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