Multi-Purpose, Multi-Industry Video Communication Solution Fully Integrated with Genesys Engage and PureConnect

Deliver top quality customer experience via high-speed, secure and reliable video conversations including chat, file sharing and screen sharing. Seamlessly integrate with the Genesys environment to deliver the best video quality on any device (mobile, desktop, kiosks) and network, without any software installations or downloads.

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Capabilities of EasyConnect Video

Maximize Customer Satisfaction

Provide unlimited flexibility in scaling up or down your services based on time of day or season while maintaining high customer satisfaction ratios.


Support Access for Your Disabled Customers

EasyConnect Video is a superb solution to offer quick help to disabled customers who find it difficult to use other customer support tools.


Shorten Customer Waiting and Processing Times

Resolve issues quickly, it’s much easier to communicate when the customer can see the agent face-to-face, issues are resolved much more quickly.

Reduce Operating Costs

The total cost of ownership of maintenance and licensing for multiple vendors just adds unnecessary costs and complexity for the end users.


Improve the Security

EasyConnect Video improves online security by allowing agents to confirm who they’re talking to thus reducing identity fraud.


Provide Face-to Face Service

EasyConnect Video solutions have offered an alternative. It’s the next best thing to a physical meeting because you can see the other person.

Increase Your Sales and Revenue

The profitability increases due to a significant increase in the first call resolution numbers as well as a reduction in average call handling times.


Provide Competitive Advantages

EasyConnect Video allows businesses from all parts of the world to engage and conduct business with customers and partners in real time.


Provide Video Calling without increased Operational Cost

Video call solution is an excellent tool for large and small businesses alike for reasons that include cost savings, increases in productivity, and convenience. It reduces the requirement for physical locations.

Technical Features of EasyConnect Video

Streaming Speed and Quality
The recently developed WebRTC infrastructure automatically adjusts codecs (VP8, VP9, H.264) and video resolution based on bandwidth. This provides high quality video and audio communication.

WebRTC data can be secured via any standard SSL based connection on the web. WebRTC security offers end-to-end encryption between peers with almost any server arrangement. No soft spots thanks to HTTPS and SSL.

Mobile Support
Available IOS and Android app with Native SDKs offer mobile video chat integration with your contact center. Comes with sample templates. Our mobile SDK provides video calling on Android and iOS platforms using ECV’s Mobile SDKs with support for V8, V9 and H264 video codecs.

Fast & Easy Integration

EasyConnect Video implementation is straight forward, fast and easy. You can have it up and running in days with minimal hardware and with our remote installation services.

Supported Browsers

Supported Operating Systems






Voice of the Customer

‘‘At Yapı Kredi, Turkey’s digital bank, we keep investing more and more every year in our digital channels and particularly in mobile. In line with the changing legal regulation requirements, we have managed to digitize processes by utilizing innovative mobile technologies. We achieved this by using the CCR’s EasyConnect Video platform. By implementing the EasyConnect video communication, we can now focus on sales instead of opening new branches, reducing our operational costs, and aim for maximum customer satisfaction with an excellent customer experience.’’

Yakup DoğanYapı Kredi - Vice General Manager

"CCR is an innovative and committed partner. They are always available to support us online, and during critical phases, they are also promptly on site. This flexible approach has been extremely effective. They share our vision of digitization and join us in our efforts in that direction"

Anthony DysonMedgate - CIO

How Does EasyConnect Video Work?

CCR’s EasyConnect Video offers the perfect customer experience for many industries by directly integrating into your Genesys platform.

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How can EasyConnect Video benefit businesses? To find out the answer, watch the video.

EasyConnect Video

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EasyConnect Video
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