EasyConnect Smart Dialer

Secure Source Management with EasyConnect Smart Dialer

What is EasyConnect Smart Dialer?

EasyConnect Smart Dialer is a secure internal and outsource management platform that can take inbound and blended calls and deliver preview, predictive, power and agentless calls in line with BTK and BDDK regulations without having to share customer data with outsourcing firms.
EasyConnect Smart Dialer is an End-to-End Call Center Platform where customer representative applications, IVR flows and external call rules are designed once, enabling operational standardization, dynamism and cost reduction.

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EasyConnect Smart Dialer

What Are the Fundamental Features of the Product?

  • It consists of Desktop, Web and Service applications.
  • It is flexible and configurable.
  • It can be upgraded, or customized for the customer.
  • It’s secure and it limits process and data share, and it’s monitored.
  • It can be used in both inbound and outbound process management.
  • It reduces the costs by executing Preview, Predictive, Power and Blended campaign models.

What Are the Advantages of Smart Dialer?

  • Its historical data accumulation capability in Sales, Collection, Administrative follow-up, Legal follow-up etc. projects and rich customer data provide up to 70% efficiency increase
  • Customer data is loaded, processed and reported systematically from end-to-end without sharing
  • Provides developed scripts and screens to be used by all outsourcing firms simultaneously
  • Provides comparative, graphical and statistical reporting on outsourcing firm performance
  • Data-based authorization allows outsourcing firms to manage and report on their own operations
  • Allows the system owner to instantly monitor all internal and external customer representative status and efficiency statistics
  • The Real Time Speech Analytics module provides additional sales opportunities and customer satisfaction
  • Allows before, during and after call processes to be customized with the possibility of integration to internal systems
  • Determines the actual cost of sales or collection by measuring the effort based on data
  • Allows data to be handled by back office users by defining business processes for all campaign types
  • It is continuously being developed and improved by R&D operations
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