What is Chatbot?

It’s your virtual messaging friend that you can easily integrate to your website, application or any other messaging software to communicate with your customers with text messaging. A chatbot ensures that your customer gets support from you through written Channels within the scope of the rules you specify.

Generally, a chatbot application is an application platform that provides communication with end-users through an AI platform and enables a rich context trade (file, image, text etc.).

Chatbot application has a NLP (Natural Language Processing) feature, and thanks to that, the interaction resembles human interaction. So, the customer will feel like (s)he’s talking to a person. The system may apply different steps depending on the customer’s answers, so the call is shaped dynamically with the answers. So, it’s possible to jump to different steps of the flow when necessary.

Automatization and enrichment of the communication must be the essential purpose in chatbot applications. So, it ensures to increase customer satisfaction.

It’s annoying for anyone to wait for a Service. Many incomplete and repeating steps takes the customer’s time. Your customers want to use different channels, but the process of activating each of them means a Difficult period for your business.

Bot executes the repeating steps in your place and always increases the service level. It replies to requests, prevents mistakes and helps you reduce the cost. It also follows interchannel communications, analyzes and processes them (omnichannel). It’s entirely an AI product.

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