Vocal Password

Voice Recognition

Fingerprint, Face, Voice, Eye (Iris) Recognition

All of these have biometric characters and can be used for recognition, verification and authorization. Like our fingerprint, our voice is also unique.

Voice biometry examines many features, such as tone of voice, pitch, volume and even breathing pattern.

Every voice has different characteristics. It is known that even identical twins has different voice characteristics. For that reason, there’s a model that identifies people even by analyzing the way they utter a word:

Voice Biometrics

  • One time system identification is enough.
  • The authorization process can be used to prevent IVR, Mobile Application and web application forgeries.
  • Increases self-serve rate in IVR.
  • Reduces the time customer representatives spend on a call.
  • Removes any user identification that has the potential to be misused.
  • Removes any forgery processes that even the customer representative may be involved.
  • Biometric solutions are more secure than codes, passwords or questions on an application, SMS and OTP processes and they are compatible with all the channels.

Voice biometry can be used as such:

  • Determining the speaker on the other end of the phone
  • Voice recognition: Is (s)he who (s)he claims to be?
  • Authorization of the processes: Verification processes for payment transactions
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