Call Steering

Every time you receive a call from a customer, it is in fact your ‘IVR’ that picks up. Quite often, this FIRST ENCOUNTER does not make a very good impression on customers, however.

In any call center, 40% to 60% of all incoming calls end without even reaching a customer representative. And as many as 25% to 30% are terminated as soon as the IVR menu starts.

%45 to %50 of all incoming calls are repeated.

That’s why we are offering customized solutions to our customers, aiming to eliminate any negative experience that their callers might go through. To that end, we integrate multiple technologies and turn them into interfaces that boost efficiency for customers.

The Call Steering solution we offer is powered by Natural Language Understanding (NLU) – an AI technology that makes it possible to interpret what callers say at the first interaction point most of the time, allowing as many callers as possible to self-serve and process transactions with the help of IVR.

With the business rules we have put in place, we aim to provide a premium UX for customers at the very first point of contact; either on the phone, mobile or online.

Offered as a platform, our Call Steering solution is configurable for deployment in every channel (verbal and written) in line with our Omni-Channel Approach.

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