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Çağrı Merkezlerinde Yapay Zeka (AI) Kullanımı

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Call Centers

As it is well known, call centers are the initial platforms to:

  • Answer customers’ questions,
  • Provide information about services,
  • Provide support about products and
  • Fulfill crucial functions such as resolving complaints.
  • However, as the number of incoming calls increases, it becomes difficult for call center staff to manage the volume. This situation leads to
  • Longer waiting times,
  • Increased resolution times for customer issues.

As a result, the customer experience will be affected negatively.

Hence, call centers are working to improve the call-handling process by using AI technologies.

AI-based applications provide many benefits for call centers. For example, using AI-based bot technologies helps answer FAQs instantly. This application allows more efficient usage of qualified human resources in call centers. Thanks to such applications, customers can access services faster.

Artificial intelligence algorithms use:

  • Data analysis and
  • Learning techniques

to solve customers’ problems faster and more effectively. Thus, such algorithms are improvable. From this point of view, AI will learn more as it works, and the collective knowledge accumulated will allow it to answer more questions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and customer behavior

AI can also be used to understand customer behavior. In this way, it allows for a better understanding of customer needs and personalization of customer service. For example, by analyzing customer calls; trends and patterns in customer issues can be identified. In this way, call center employees can better respond to customer questions and problems.

Call Center Performance

AI and other technologies used in call centers can also improve call-center performance. For example, call center managers can track the performance and workload of call center staff by analyzing data. This allows call center managers to make more accurate decisions and the call center to become more efficient.

Nevertheless, AI technologies are still not enough to solve complex problems that require human intervention. So, call centers should use AI technologies in combination with human intervention. In this way, organizations can continue improving the customer service experience while taking advantage of AI technologies. In other words, AI will be beneficial in shortening business processes in complex situations that require human intervention.

All in all, using AI technologies in call centers has become a vital tool for two reasons:

  1. To optimize call handling and
  2. To improve the customer service experience

That is because the use of AI technologies can improve call center performance. It also enables data analysis to understand customer needs. Moreover, these technologies help resolve customer issues more rapidly and effectively. But it is essential to keep in mind that together with AI technologies, human intervention is also required.

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