Yapı Kredi Bank chose CCR for their video banking infrastructure. - CCR
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Turkey’s “digital bank” Yapı Kredi, started using CCR’s EasyConnect Video solution for their video banking infrastructure. Now is easier than ever for people to become a Yapı Kredi’s customer without the need of visiting a physical branch office.

“We aim to acquire 200,000 new customers in 2019 through the video banking infrastructure.”

“At Yapı Kredi, Turkey’s digital bank, we keep investing more and more every year in our digital channels and particularly in mobile. In line with the changing legal regulation requirements we have managed to digitalize our processes by utilizing the innovative mobile technologies. Thanks to our Video Transaction Assistant service, it is now time ‘to become a Yapı Kredi’s customer without having to visit our physical branch office’. We achieved this by using the CCR’s EasyConnect Video platform. Our main reason for choosing the EasyConnect Video was its secure infrastructure and the fact it doesn’t bring any additional operational expenses. This award-winning platform provided all the services we needed for our next generation banking infrastructure. By implementing the EasyConnect video communication, we can now focus on sales instead of opening new branches, reduce our operational costs and aim for maximum customer satisfaction with excellent customer experience. Our goal is to acquire 200.000 new customers in 2019.”

Yakup Doğan,
Yapı Kredi Vice General Manager

“Video communications will be a big part of our lives in near future!”

“Today, apart from healthcare, energy, production, e-commerce and finance institutions face-to-face video communication with consumers is also preferred by organizations communicating to people with disabilities. We most recently have partnered with one of the leading banks of the Turkey’s finance sector, the Yapı Kredi Bank. The goal of our project was to enable people to easily become a bank’s customer from any location without having to visit a bank’s physical branch. This was achieved by integrating our EasyConnect Video solution into the infrastructure of the Yapı Kredi Bank’s Video Transaction Assistant. EasyConnect Video ensures security with on-premise video service, HTTPS and SSL protocols. Additionally, it provides screen, file and location sharing features, integrates tightly with Genesys solutions and meets all the requirements related to video communication platforms.”

Oktay Kemal
CCR Managing Partner

77% of banks that offer video communication services achieve higher sales!

Digitalization, lower costs and simplified user procedures in banking make both the banks and the consumers happy. Since simplified ‘self-service’ procedures alone are not sufficient to achieve optimized customer experience, video banking comes to the forefront among the applications for banks that seek a competitive advantage. According to “Video Banking Report 2018” data, 85% of consumers who took part in an online video banking session said they would be willing to use it again while 97% said they would recommend it to others. 77% of the banks that offer video banking achieve higher sales however only 15% of the banks worldwide are fully equipped with the technology required for video communication services. On the other hand, over 90% of the banks in Turkey have the necessary technological infrastructure but do not leverage this service because they are not fully aware of the opportunities it presents.

Providing competitive advantage Experienced team
Reducing new branches opening and operating costs Efficient working structure
Increasing sales Comprehensive service
Maximize customer satisfaction Sectoral knowledge
Shorten customer waiting and processing times Collaborative approach
Face to face out of hours service Always accessible customer support team
Secure infrastructure Best adapted solutions to fit your needs
No conversation-based operational costs Guide the implementation of the platform
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