PIDAS Customer Care Day - CCR
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Numerous interested participants participated in the presentation of CCR with Ali Murat Gürçay “Video Communication in Customer Service” on the occasion of the PIDAS Customer Care Day in early June with 12 contributions from the field of business, technology and training in the digital age. Ali Murat Gürçay introduced the participants to state-of-the-art and efficient video communication with EasyConnect Video in customer service. In a live demo he showed the audience the potential that the video channel provides for efficient customer interaction. EasyConnect Video is the next generation of the “visual communication platform”, which has 100% integration with the Genesys PureConnect and Genesys Engage platforms. The high-performance video and audio communications solution for a wide variety of industries helps companies significantly improve their help desk and sales.

We would like to thank our partner PIDAS for the excellent platform on “creating fantastic customer experiences with new digital technologies”, which they offered for 120 guests and numerous experts in the field of customer service and a great social program. The “PIDAS FAN beer” was tasty as well!

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