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CCR’s Nexidia Deployment – Full-spectrum contact center analytics

The most powerful full channels of interaction solutions are available. Turn your customer interactions into valuable insights, and transform your contact center operations, your customers’ experiences, and your organization as a whole.

CCR delivers NICE Nexidia solutions to control regulatory compliance of the customers’ contact centers. With over 25 years of experience, CCR can guide you to track your contact center operations to improve your customer satisfaction.

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Contact center analytics, meet customer experience analytics​

At the heart of the Customer Engagement Analytics framework, Nexidia Analytics uses big data to help call center focused organizations transform into cost-effective and efficient producers of revenue while also enabling agents, managers, and customers to have better experiences and improved retention rates. Nexidia’s inherently agnostic solution provides minimal disruption by overlaying existing recorders and data gathering methods and serves to enhance the communication of information to downstream data lakes or management programs. Some of the most common outcomes that CCR’s enterprise customers are achieving today are:​​

  • Reduced cost to serve
  • Increased Sales Effectiveness
  • Increased Customer Loyalty with Churn Prediction
  • Improved Agent Behavioral and Regulatory Compliance
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customer Conversations Drive Organizational Change

Structured data analytics such as CRMs or surveys provide clues to what customers are saying, but the unstructured behavioral data that speech and text analytics uncovers allows you to understand exactly what customers are​ saying, what they are asking for, and their pain points. In turn, analytics can be applied to agent interactions to drive quality management​ programs and operational excellence.

Being able to understand customer and agent needs on a quantitative and qualitative level makes it possible to implement prescriptive and predictive change management programs and measure positive change across the organization.

While interactions may originate in the contact center, the business insight they contain resonates throughout the entire organization. Marketing, product, customer care, and even technical support can all benefit from being able to find and quantify customer behavioral events. By knowing when, how often, and why events such as competitive mentions, negative sentiment, unresolved issues, or accepted or rejected marketing offers take place, companies can drive positive change.

CCR’s custom development solutions for Nexidia Analytics would help you to achieve your integrations from the company’s CRM and similar dashboards to your contact center software. These custom development solutions may grant you to save time, cost, and easy-to-use interface. CCR’s Fully customizable dashboard will assist you to detect the critical information about your contact center and get the analytics from the desired datatype.

Speech and Text Analytics Technology for Analyzing 100% of Your Interactions​

With the vast number of data sources available today, Nexidia’s Data Exchange Framework ingests data from any source. It makes it searchable, allowing for speech and text channels to be searched alongside one another or separately for priority topics.

Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics, the power behind Nexidia Analytics, smartly combines phonetic indexing and search with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in a way that offers the most scalable, accurate, and flexible solution available. This unsurpassed scalability is possible via Nexidia Search Grid, a MapReduce framework for building distributed interaction analytics applications that allows for volume or retention expansion while still maintaining only one logical instance of the system. With such a robust and time-tested technology and architecture underpinning Nexidia contact center analytics, the possibilities for organization-wide improvements are endless.

Key Advantages of the CCR’s Nexidia deployment:

  • Fast, secure and fully-customized integration
  • Improved Customer Experience

AI Customer Service with Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics

Use Nexidia’s AI-powered automatic topic categorization and sentiment scoring, which is served by CCR to understand trends in customer conversations quickly, and drill down into those trends to uncover areas important to your objectives. Build queries to deep dive into issues that can help meet business goals, and create powerful reports for every level of the organization so that each role is focused on meeting those goals.

Customer Journey Analytics, IVR Optimization, Intelligent Routing, and Quality Central – All Powered by CCR

CCR’s Nexidia deployment offers the most comprehensive approach to customer analytics, with the ability to provide micro-level intelligent routing and insights on masses of individual interactions alongside the macro-level understanding of the customer’s entire journey. When planning your analytics program roadmap, consider all of the Customer Engagement Analytics​​ options to make the best decisions for managing your success.

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