Hürriyet Emlak Preferred CCR For The Genesys Call Center Infrastructure - CCR
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Hürriyet Emlak Preferred CCR For The Genesys Call Center Infrastructure

Turkey’s property sector’s special ad site Hürriyet Emlak preferred CCR for the infrastructure of call center technologies. With this union, Hürriyet Emlak will be the first Genesys Engage customer of CCR and receive the call center’s Genesys maintenance support services from CCR.

Solution and result-oriented service approach

CCR’s goal in the project is to make Hürriyet Emlak call center more serviceable from many different channels at high quality with omnichannel infrastructure. CCR will be active on Hürriyet Emlak inbound customer relations and outbound telemarketing calls, IVR and credit card collection project will be implemented along with this study. CCR will make a difference and add value with its solution and result-oriented service.

“We look forward to using our Genesys expertise”

CCR CEO Türker Erkin expressed his enthusiasm about the deal with the following words: “Adding Hürriyet Emlak, one of Turkey’s most visited web platforms, to our customer portfolio is a development we are very proud of. What is even more exciting for us is that Hürriyet Emlak uses Genesys infrastructure. We look forward to using our Genesys expertise and knowledge to meet our customers’ needs and beyond. I believe that Hürriyet Emlak selected us not only because we understood their requirements best but also because of our excitement and interest.”

We will sign many very important projects together as Hürriyet Emlak and CCR

Hürriyet Real Estate CEO Hakan Çelik expressed his views on CCR;

“CCR is a company we have been familiar with for a long time in the sector. We preferred CCR because we knew that their expert team would be working with us meticulously. They boosted their expertise by proving their successes abroad with each passing day. I hope we will sign many important projects together.”

Uninterrupted 360-degree Service in Customer Relations

Erkin stated that it was obligatory that Hürriyet Emlak customer relations to be uninterrupted and 360-degree service and continued: “Genesys is the best call center technology to use, CCR is the most equipped and competent technology provider in the sector and Hürriyet Emlak is the biggest property ad site in Turkey, I believe we will achieve a great success with this agreement bringing us three together”.

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