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The Emirates Driving Institute EDI, established in 1991, is the largest and most successful driving institute in Dubai and the Middle East. More than 500,000 students have obtained their driver’s licenses from EDI since the foundation. EDI has more than 500 qualified male and female instructors of various nationalities who can teach students in their native language. With its fleet of more than 500 vehicles in different vehicle categories, EDI offers courses for the acquisition of driver licenses.

Evaluation of a system to optimize the customer experience

As of 2018, EDI Call Center was already operating on a leading Call Center platform, however only for incoming calls and recorder. In addition to the aim of becoming a multi-channel center capable of enabling all services on one platform, EDI further began to look for new features they wanted to add to enhance the customer experience and to achieve operational control and efficiency. To take our platform to the next level, we considered offers and services of various vendors and after careful consideration of the market, we decided to invest in Genesys PureConnect.

Challenges in project realization

The biggest challenges for us were multiple systems for different channels. Incoming calls through the main platform, chat through a separate program, and email through Outlook, with no reporting on response time, etc. This posed operational challenges as we had to associate the chat with a dedicated agent, as chats and live calls can not be assigned at the same time unless distributed through a universal queue. Even absence became a problem, as the dedicated resources had to be manually replaced. To minimize challenges, the chat was open only during the day and not in the evening, so the customer experience was inconsistent. We also looked for other benefits, such as the addition of IVR surveys and dialers, and later the ability to add social media.

All-in-one platform with a great vision

An all-in-one platform with a great vision was an essential part of the selection. The project started in October 2017 and in February 2018, we introduced PureConnect and overnight replaced the existing systems and functions with a local service provider. Immediate new features included directly connecting website callbacks with available agents, as well as language save option on the IVR, giving a more personalized service as well as reducing the IVR steps for the students. The rollout went smoothly, there was no impact on the customers and in a short time, the new platform was used by the team. One by one we have added additional features in a controlled way (channel by channel, survey, etc.).

While the implementation of PureConnect by the service provider of EDI went well, the need for support changed, from the point of view of implementation, from the technical to practical know-how of PureConnect as a business tool. In 2018, a great exchange took place at Gitex Dubai between the representatives of CCR and EDI. Crucial to this positive relationship was CCR’s years of experience with PureConnect and Genesys, as well as a comprehensive understanding of how the system can best meet business needs. Elin Bin Hendi, Call Center Consultant at EDI, comments: Thanks to CCR, we immediately adjusted a few things and quickly saw improvements. These were minor system configuration successes directly related to CCR’s extensive system knowledge. In addition to the common passion to use the platform to the maximum, we look forward to being always up to date with CCR and to make the best possible use of our opportunities.

Elin Bin Hendi emphasizes: “So far, we are very pleased with CCR’s partnership, service, and quality, as we share the common goal of creating a state-of-the-art platform for EDI to deliver a great customer experience.

EDI’s short-term goal was to work with a reliable, knowledgeable and customer-focused service provider capable of implementing the EDI plans: “We are happy, we have achieved this with CCR. In the future, we have plans to maximize the value of both the platform and our relationship with CCR as a competent partner. ”, says Elin Bin Hendi satisfied.

Further projects and outlook

The next chapter for us is to take full advantage of the PureConnect solution. We believe that CCR is the right partner to make it possible. In the pursuit of quality and excellence, there is no finish line. This is how we continuously optimize our solutions, services, and customer experience.

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