CCR Implemented The Natural Language Detection Project For Vodafone - CCR
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CCR Implemented The Natural Language Detection Project For Vodafone

Vodafone, one of the leading companies in the telecommunications industry, has selected CCR again – a partner with which it has been in business for quite a few years, implementing its ‘Natural Language Understanding’ (NLU) Project. NLU has enabled CCR to update Vodafone Turkey’s proprietary voice response system for young invoiced lines segment

Directing customers to the right channel with Natural Language Understanding

The NLU technology offered by the innovative developer CCR to empower its VoiceWeb system is based on the customer’s most accurate channel guidance, meaning more than one sentence, relative to standard speech recognition technologies. The NLU project was developed with a view to boosting customer retention rate in IVR – a target that has been successfully realized with the new technology.

CCR is go-to company for its A+ customer ratings and time management experience

A leading company in the call center sector, CCR attaches great importance to time management in its projects which it carries out meticulously. A+ customer management and on-time delivery experience make it possible to deliver projects exactly on time.

“Impressed by CCR’s work discipline and experience”

Rasim Karas, General Manager of Vodafone Information and Communication Services said: “CCR is a very well-known company in the sector. We, along with CCR, have spent many years implementing key projects. I’m impressed by CCR’s work discipline and experience”.

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