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CCR is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Surfly, the world’s most advanced co-browsing solution. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Surfly is a universal co-browsing solution that powers more than 100k users across leading organizations (such as, Achmea, Empire Life, Fidelis Care, CSAA and Standard Bank) globally to deliver a world-class customer experience.

Surfly can be used to enable advisors and agents to view the browser of the customer and help them guide the customer in a fast and intuitive manner. With Surfly, both advisors and customers can navigate web pages (even those they don’t control) simultaneously and take control or request control of a web browser in a matter of seconds – without the need for any downloads or installations.

CCR offers a range of Genesys platform solutions for contact centers, combined with technology consulting, software development and implementation. With this new partnership, CCR will enable its clients to improve the customer journey, increase NPS, and decrease the average handling time (AHT).

“Turkey is a growing market with lots of interest and opportunities for Innovation and digitalization. With a strong market share in Turkey, this partnership helps us strengthen our ability to offer universal co-browsing solutions to the Turkish and Middle Eastern market.”

Surfly Co-Founder & CEO, Nicholas Piël

“CCR delivers contact center technology solutions for the widest variety of customer needs. We make managing customer relationships easy; help make quick decisions and keep focus on customer satisfaction. Thanks to our new partnership with Surfly, we believe that CCR will deliver even more comprehensive customer experience solutions in EMEA and other markets all around the world.”

CCR Managing Partner, Oktay Kemal

Watch the video for get to know Surfly’s co-browsing solution.

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