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Microsoft Teams

Tutorials & how-to guides for using Easy Survey in Microsoft Teams

Easy Survey for Microsoft Teams: Basics, Shortcuts & FAQs

In this guide, we’ll walk you through installation,
creating your first survey, shortcuts, and some of the FAQs.

What is Easy Survey?

Easy Survey is an engagement app purpose-built for Microsoft Teams App.
You can easily add polls to your Microsoft Teams chats and conversations.
You can get survey results with visual tools and excel report.

Installing Easy Survey in Teams

Please follow the below steps to install the Easy Survey application in your team.

1. Open Microsoft Teams, and then click the Apps button near the bottom left hand side of the application.

2. Search for Easy Survey ­čöŹ and then click the asy Survey icon to open up the app preview window

3. In the app preview window, hover over the Open button and click Add to a team or chat or meeting to install the Easy Survey app in your team.

Adding Easy Survey as a Messaging Extension

To be able to use Easy Surveyin Group Chat or during Meetings, the easiest way to use Easy Survey is to add it as a messaging extension to your conversation box. You can do this by following the below steps:.

1. At the bottom of the window where you would usually type messages, click the icon. On the overflow menu that appears, find and right click on Easy Survey, and then click ­čôîPin.

2. Easy Survey is now added as a Messaging extension, which you can use to activate Easy Survey in any channel, group chat, or meeting­čÄë

Creating Easy Surveys in Teams

1. Click the Easy Survey icon then the screen will appear to create a poll

2. At least 2 options should be specified with the question. Then click the “Create" button.

The created survey will be ready to be sent

3. Survey sent to chat or meeting for voting.

Participate in the survey

Users choose an option and click the send button to participate in the survey. The result of the process is reported to the user under the survey.

Users can update their preferences by selecting a different option.

The Survey Operations


Click on the Easy Survey app from the sidebar.

This screen is user specific. The user can list, delete, search and access the results of their own created surveys.

Getting Result with Excel File

Click the Excel icon on the row of the survey. The Excel file will be downloaded to your computer in a short time.

Sample of the Excel file:

Getting Result with Pie Chart

Click the Pie Chart icon on the row of the survey.

Sample of the Excel file:


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