GENESYS Solutions

  • Omnichannel
  • Communication Center Modernization
  • Self-service
  • Proactive Customer Relationships
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Corporate Workforce Management
  • Continuous Work Force Optimization
  • Specific Solutions


Smart Dialer
Smart Dialer is an outbound platform modified by ICELib and handlers with a client/server architecture which runs on IC..

  • Multiple client architecture supporting outsource call centers
  • Flexible management and development medium
  • Application specific database and reporting
  • Predictive, preview ve agentless arama modlarını destekler
  • Support for predictive, preview and agentless call modes
  • Developed and customized to meet customer needs
  • Third party CRM and application integration support
  • Call list management wizards
  • Real time performance tracking tools for agents
  • Role based management


TotalView 5 offers wide network diagnostics capabilities for Data, VoIP, Video, and VDI. Analysis of network issues and intervening with them is a manual labor which consumes great amount of time. Existing applications can also alarm you when a problem occurs, yet TotalView 5 pinpoints the problem at the network with parameters like when, where and why quickly.

Pathsolutions, an Genesys technology partner, provides efficient and fast analysis for call center network problems.

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VHT strengthens customer calls.

Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) maximizes the customer relations opportunities regardless of the communication channel.

VHT offers two major products: Callback and Conversation Bridge. Callback calls the customer back when an agent is available. This recall is either ASAP or scheduled. Callback puts the customer on hold so customer doesn’t wait in line to talk with an agent. Conversation Bridge, provides the means for customers to send a voice call recall request regardless of the communication channel. Customer passes his/her request with content of the request so agent is informed about the topic beforehand. Conversation Bridge provides a harmonic multichannel experience.

Callback and Conversation Bridge is on top of the VHT’s award winning customer experience platform. This platform, integrates customers technical infrastructure with companies existing CRM applications.

Platform also ensures that VHT installation is managed efficiently while providing insights with KPI’s affected by VHT solutions via analytics and reports.



Make social media a part of your communication center, turn chaos into communication. Conversocial, a scaleable and measurable social media solution, provides tools for a quick and low budget cloud based social media management.

Thanks to its API tools in integrates to both your CRM systems and call center infrastructure rapidly. Please contact us for further information


Microsoft Lync integrated cloud or on-premise based call center solution. CC4L is completely built on Microsoft Lync® Server platform Unified Communications and Voice-over-IP architecture. CC4L provides all required functions for a call center by integrating via default UCMA connector to Microsoft Lync®